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Why Regular Dental Checkups Are So Vital To Your Oral Health

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Regular visits with your dentist do more than just keep your teeth fresh and white. They are the first line of defense in your oral health arsenal. At Healthy Smiles Dental, Dr. Hannah Baek is on a search-and-destroy mission to stop dental issues before they become serious to your mouth or to the rest of your body.

Here are five good reasons to make regular dental visits part of your oral health drill.

1. Cavity check

One of the first things Dr. Baek does is check your teeth for any cavities. This isn’t just a check for places where acid and bacteria have eaten away at your teeth. She also looks for any places that are at risk for developing a cavity, often called caries.

By treating cavities and caries, Dr. Baek can prevent other, far worse tooth issues. If left untreated, a simple cavity may require a root canal or can create an abscess. This is an infection, often around the root of a tooth, that causes pain, fever, and in rare cases, serious complications. But checking and treating your teeth regularly can spare you from these more serious issues.

2. Tartar removal

Tartar is hardened plaque. In some cases, you can see tartar buildup where the tooth and gum meet or in between teeth. Tartar may appear as a yellow or brown stain in these areas. Most people deal with tartar at some point in their lives. It builds up when plaque, a normal bacterial coating, stays too long on the teeth and gums, hardening into tartar.

If left unattended, tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease, so it’s vital to remove tartar regularly to prevent far more serious issues.

3. Oral cancer check

Dr. Baek is looking at more than just your teeth when you come in for your regular checkup. She also looks for oral cancer. There are a variety of different cancers, but all can threaten your overall health. As she checks your teeth and gums, Dr. Baek also checks for any discoloration or growths that might indicate a more serious problem.

4. Breaking bad habits

Your teeth can tell a lot about your habits. Nailbiter? Smoker? Grind your teeth at night? Dr. Baek will probably be able to tell. She may not be able to convince you to stop smoking, but she will talk to you about how to minimize the risk to your teeth and gums. She may also have suggestions on how to stop biting your nails.

Grinding your teeth at night can cause a wide range of problems from head and neck pain, to wearing down your teeth. Dr. Baek can fit you with a night guard to protect your teeth and jaw.

5. Preventive care

Ultimately, the best way to treat oral health issues is to prevent them. Dr. Baek offers many different preventive treatments, including deep cleaning, fluoride treatments, and gum cleaning. Dr. Baek can also help you create a daily oral care regime designed with your needs in mind. This keeps your teeth and gums healthy in between visits.

To start your regular visits with Dr. Baek, contact Healthy Smile Dental, conveniently located in Woodridge, Illinois.

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