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What to Do About a Cracked or Missing Crown

What to Do About a Cracked or Missing Crown

There’s nothing elegant about a cracked or missing crown. And while it may seem like no big deal if you’re not experiencing any pain, ignoring it is a bad idea, as crowns improve both the look and function of your mouth. Once a crown is no longer in top form, or in place at all, you can develop a range of complications.

At Healthy Smile Dental in Woodridge, Illinois, Dr. Hannah Baek provides crowns as one of several restorative dentistry services. Read on to learn more about cracked and missing crowns, including what to do about them. 

How crowns break or fall out

Dental crowns are usually made out of porcelain or ceramic, which gives them strength and a natural-looking appearance — but they don’t last forever. On average, crowns last up to 15 years. Factors that can cause a crown to crack or become loose more quickly include:

Why you shouldn’t ignore crown problems

When a crown becomes loose, cracks, or falls out, your tooth and gums become more vulnerable to infections and decay. The openings can easily make way for harmful bacteria to get trapped and build up. If this buildup goes unaddressed, it can form plaque around your tooth, which can’t be washed away with normal brushing and flossing at home.

If you develop an infection or abscess as a result of these issues, you can experience quite a bit of pain and have difficulty eating normally or even sleeping well. Over time, a cracked or missing crown can lead to similar damage in surrounding tissue. 

What to do about your cracked or missing crown

As soon as you notice a cracked or missing crown, contact our office to schedule an exam. If you’ve already waited for a while, keep in mind that it’s never too late to get the care you need. Leading up to your appointment, you can take an over-the-counter painkiller, apply an ice pack to your jaw, or swish warm, salty water to reduce any pain.

Once Dr. Baek has assessed your crown issues, she’ll recommend treatment, such as a replacement crown. If you’re experiencing problems with decay or other damage, you may need additional treatment, such as a filling or antibiotics.

To learn more about treatment for a cracked or missing crown, call Healthy Smile Dental at 630-910-1900, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Baek through our online booking feature.

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