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Veneers Can Correct More Smile Flaws Than You Think

Manufactured from durable porcelain, veneers are thinly sliced and carefully shaped to fit and bond securely to the front of your natural teeth. They’re often recommended to cover significant stains or discolorations that don’t respond to even high-grade, professional whitening products. But that’s only one use for customized veneers.

Hannah Baek, DDS is a highly skilled and well-respected oral health care expert who is passionate about providing dental care that keeps your mouth healthy and provides the vibrant smile you deserve. That’s why she often recommends patients at her thriving practice, Healthy Smile Dental in Woodridge, Illinois, consider veneers to correct a wide variety of smile issues.

What dental problems can you correct with veneers?

Veneers are an excellent choice for correcting numerous flaws in your smile. Along with providing a solution for stained and discolored teeth, we can use veneers to create other cosmetically appealing changes to your smile by:

What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

There are many benefits to choosing porcelain veneers for correcting smile flaws:

Gum tissue also responds well to porcelain veneers, which means you won’t have to worry about irritation and discomfort due to the veneer. And we’re able to customize the shade of your porcelain veneers, leaving you with a “just right” tooth color that complements rather than overpowers your appearance.

Can anyone get porcelain veneers?

Veneers are an excellent choice for many individuals who desire a fix for a less than appealing smile. There are, however, a few issues that don’t respond well to veneers. A veneer is not a good choice, for instance, for teeth that are severely decayed or fractured. You must also have an adequate enamel layer for the veneer to bond to the natural tooth.

You can rely on Dr. Baek’s skill and expertise to correctly identify whether veneers are a good choice for you. She’s a veneer expert and may recommend a different type of restoration or combine veneers with other techniques to provide the smile makeover you’re seeking.

What’s the process for dental veneers?

It starts with an exam and discussion regarding your smile expectations. Dr. Baek will then make recommendations based upon the overall health of your teeth and your goals.

For example, because porcelain veneers don’t respond to whitening and it’s important to match the veneer color to your natural teeth, she may suggest a whitening treatment before you start the process. If she notes issues with gum disease or other dental health problems, she will likely recommend treating those before starting on your veneer makeover.

Otherwise, it typically takes two visits for veneers. During the first appointment, we prep the teeth and create a mold that’s sent to a dental lab, which manufactures the veneers according to Dr. Baek’s instructions. We’ll also choose the color for your new smile during the initial visit.

After your custom veneers arrive at the office, Dr. Baek will see you back to position the veneers, further customize the shape and size of your veneers as necessary, and bond them securely in place with a special dental cement. The entire process is accomplished without drilling or anesthesia.

Do you have more questions about veneers and whether they’re right for you? Call or schedule your appointment online today with Dr. Baek at Healthy Smile Dental. She’s an excellent choice for all your dental health needs and gladly welcomes children and adults to her top-rated practice.

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