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How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

In the United States, dentists perform teeth whitening procedures more than just about any other cosmetic procedure, and it's no secret why the treatment is so popular. Having a sparkling smile improves your self-esteem, benefiting you in all sorts of ways, from the personal to the professional. 

At Healthy Smile Dental, we offer ZOOM! in-office whitening treatments for both new and returning patients in the Woodridge, Illinois area. You’ll be so pleased that you’ll want to make your results last as long as possible. To keep your smile bright, follow these easy tips and tricks.

Clean your mouth after eating or using staining agents

Lots of things you put in or near your mouth, from food and drinks to cigarettes and dark lipstick, leave stains on your teeth. Brushing can’t remove stains, so you need a professional whitening treatment. Once you've had your teeth whitened, avoid foods and behaviors that lead to stains.

Here are some things that may stain your newly whitened teeth:

Of course, it’s impossible to eliminate all of these ways your teeth may be stained, but you can minimize them by rinsing your mouth as soon as you can after contact and, if possible, brushing your teeth. Because smoking cigarettes damages the enamel of your teeth, quit or significantly cut back to keep your smile bright.

Take good care of your teeth for best whitening results

Teeth whitening treatments can have seemingly magical results, but they still have to work with the base of your dental enamel. Keeping your teeth in good shape makes teeth whitening treatments more effective and long-lasting. 

To keep your mouth clean and your teeth healthy, brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice every day using a circular motion, and choose a toothpaste that contains baking soda or a whitening agent to target stubborn stains. Floss every day to remove food from between your teeth and clear bacteria away from your gums. 

And, of course, visit us for your regular cleanings. At Healthy Smile Dental, we recommend at least two appointments every year. If you practice good oral hygiene and avoid new stains, your teeth whitening treatment can last up to a year. 

If you need a refresher to get your smile back to sparkling, or if you have other questions about the appearance and color of your teeth, Hannah Baek, DDS, can advise you. At Healthy Smile Dental, we also offer an at-home kit for whitening touch-ups, including customized whitening trays. To make an appointment, call our office or book online.

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