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How the ZOOM! Whitening Method Works

Everyone experiences tooth discoloration over time. And common habits, such as smoking or drinking colas, coffee, tea, or red wine, can really expedite the process. Having braces can also create issues by making areas of your teeth less easy to clean.

Whether you’re looking for a slightly brighter smile, trying to stave off more severe staining, or wishing your teeth were several shades lighter, ZOOM! whitening has a great deal to offer. 

At Healthy Smile Dental, Dr. Hannah Baek is pleased to provide ZOOM! in-office whitening to help you unleash a brighter smile. Read on to learn about this method and what to expect from the process.

Advantages of professional ZOOM! whitening 

A range of at-home teeth whitening treatments are available, but they don’t suit everyone. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, for example, the custom-made ZOOM! treatment that we provide at Healthy Smile Dental can help lower your risk of irritation brought on by whitening ingredients. 

You also don’t have to worry about getting every step just right, because you can rest assured that a seasoned professional is handling your care. Dr. Baek can even adjust your treatment, so the intensity and length of each session meets your needs and comfort level.

Your results with ZOOM! teeth whitening will probably be more rapid and pronounced than whitening used on your own. Research has shown that professional teeth whitening can provide 15% more whiteness compared to nonprescription whitening options. 

What to expect during ZOOM! whitening

Before your ZOOM! treatment, you may undergo a professional cleaning so you get maximum whitening results. Most ZOOM! sessions take about an hour, during which the special gel stays on your teeth for 15 minutes at a time. 

Meanwhile, a light shines on your teeth to activate the whitening. After up to four back-to-back 15-minute increments, Dr. Baek can apply a fluoride gel for minimized discomfort and sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, this option can be especially helpful.

Making the most of teeth whitening treatment

After your ZOOM! treatment, Dr. Baek goes over aftercare instructions, such as which foods and drinks to avoid for a few days. During this time, your teeth are especially prone to absorbing color, so items such as coffee, black tea, and marinara sauce are off the list. You also need to avoid colored mouthwash temporarily. 

If Dr. Baek provides trays to continue your whitening process at home, she goes over how to use them properly. Taking good care of your teeth through positive brushing and flossing habits and routine dental cleanings can also help keep your smile bright, as well as healthy, moving forward. 

To learn more about ZOOM! teeth whitening or schedule a treatment, call us at Healthy Smile Dental in Woodbridge, Illinois, or schedule an appointment through our website.

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