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4 Ways Veneers Can Upgrade Your Smile

In many ways, your smile is your calling card and says a lot about you, even before any words come out of your mouth. So, if you want a smile that conveys confidence and vitality but your natural teeth are falling short of these goals, we can help with dental veneers.

At Healthy Smile Dental, Dr. Hannah Baek and the team pride ourselves on offering comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services, including dental veneers.

To give you an idea about why dental veneers are so popular — their global market size in 2021 was more than $2 billion! — we dive into four great benefits below.

1. A dazzling smile with veneers

If your teeth have dulled or discolored over the years and even our professional cleaning and professional whitening services aren’t able to keep them pearly white, dental veneers are just the ticket.

In many cases, people’s teeth yellow over time as their enamel naturally wears down. When this happens, it allows some of the darker-colored dentin in the inside of the teeth to show through, which is what leads to the yellowing we see in teeth as people age.

With dental veneers, we place wafer-thin shells over the fronts of your teeth in your smile zone that make your smile shine bright. The materials we use for the veneers — typically porcelain and/or ceramic — mimic the natural coloring of teeth in terms of opalescence, but they’re much whiter.

2. Veneers — the ultimate cover-up

If you have a chipped or broken tooth, or perhaps a tooth that’s misshapen in some way, dental veneers provide a fantastic cover-up. These shells can hide a number of imperfections that most people have in their teeth, from dead, blackened teeth to damaged or worn-down teeth.

3. Getting teeth to line up with veneers

Another reason why dental veneers are so popular is that they can make minor improvements in the way your teeth line up. A classically great smile is one that’s backed by white teeth, yes, but also teeth that appear straight and evenly spaced.

For example, if you have gaps in your teeth, we can close this space with dental veneers. Or maybe you feel that the teeth in your smile zone are too short — we can add a little length with dental veneers.

4. Dental veneers go the distance

Not only can our dental veneers make immediate and dramatic improvements to your smile, but these improvements will last long into the future if you take good care of them.

Studies on the longevity of dental veneers found that porcelain veneers have 10-year survival rates between 93.5% and 96% and a 20-year survival rate of 91%, which are impressive numbers.

If something goes wrong and one of your veneers is damaged, we simply outfit you with a replacement in no time.

If you’d like to see for yourself the many ways in which dental veneers can make you smile with renewed confidence, please contact our office in Woodbridge, Illinois, to set up a consultation.

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