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4 Signs of an Oral Abscess

4 Signs of an Oral Abscess

You probably already know that, without proper care, your oral health can fall by the wayside. Dull, misaligned teeth are a concern, but more concerning are the long-term consequences that poor oral hygiene can have on your teeth and gums. Without proper oral care, you might experience the darkening of your gums and teeth as well as the appearance of an abscess

Protecting the health of your teeth and gums requires being consistent and observant, along with regular checkups and cleanings. Leading our practice in Woodbridge, Illinois, is Hannah Baek, DDS. An experienced dental professional with a number of certifications and years of experience, Dr. Baek brings a warm and professional experience to our patients at Healthy Smile Dental. Dr. Baek not only provides services and products designed to protect your teeth, but she can also offer advice and guidance to protect your gums. 

Why should I be worried about my gums?

The health of your gums is as central to your oral health as the rest of your soft tissues — your cheeks, where some saliva is produced; your tongue; and the roof of your mouth. Many oral hygiene issues can harm or damage the soft tissues of your mouth, but your gums are particularly vulnerable to ailments. 

Gingivitis is a mild infection of the gums, resulting from poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis may or may not produce severe symptoms, but commonly manifests in red, swollen gums that bleed randomly as well as after brushing or flossing. Gingivitis may linger in the mouth, or it may resolve on its own with continued proper oral hygiene. 

Untreated gingivitis eventually progresses into extremely uncomfortable periodontitis. Symptoms of the previous disorder are exacerbated and are joined by bad breath, sore gums, loose teeth that may change positions, receding gums, and painful chewing. In short, gingivitis can lead to lost teeth, which can compromise your bite pattern, and a host of other oral issues

Prevention of uncomfortable oral hygiene symptoms is easier than you may think. With consistent, twice-daily brushing and flossing, and faithfully making your biannual checkup and cleaning, you can dramatically curb your likelihood of developing gum disease or gingivitis. 

What are four signs of an oral abscess? 

Creating a hostile environment for teeth leads to gingivitis and may also lead to oral abscesses. To be clear, both conditions are dangerous to your overall health and your longevity, but the symptoms of an oral abscess strongly differ from the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis. 

An oral abscess is a bacterial infection that attacks the tooth, with the gums taking plenty of damage as a result. One of the chief causes of these infected teeth, in addition to a lack of proper oral hygiene, is periodontitis. As periodontitis eats through tooth enamel, your tooth pulp’s protective covering is gone, leaving it vulnerable to invasive bacteria. Several types of bacterial may create an oral abscess, including: 

Be mindful of an increased sensitivity in your teeth, as this can potentially be a sign of an oral abscess. Additional symptoms of oral abscesses include: 

For many people, a signature characteristic of an abscess is an open sore. The same is true in the case of an oral abscess, with an open sore that can drain, potentially filling your mouth with foul-tasting and smelling pus if the abscess should rupture. This is what ultimately sends many people to Healthy Smile Dental, where Dr. Baek will be able to ensure that your sore drains properly. After cleaning the area, you’ll notice a reduction in pain that will continue to improve when you complete the medicinal treatment prescribed by Dr. Baek. 

What do I do about an oral abscess? 

If you have been experiencing symptoms of an oral abscess, it’s important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Baek as soon as possible. Oral abscesses are of particular concern to your oral health since infected teeth may require root canals or cause tooth loss. Infections from infected teeth can travel out of the mouth, through your jaw area, and into your neck area. 

An oral abscess is nothing to ignore. Without treatment, you are guaranteed to experience complications, so call for an appointment with Dr. Baek. We’re accepting new patients, so contact us at 630-910-1900, or book an appointment with us online. 

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